1. These figures are non-GAAP financial measures and are defined and reconciled in Section 11, Supplemental Information of Management’s Discussion and Analysis.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, production figures in this Annual Report are based on Kinross’ 90% share of Chirano production.
  3. Kinross’ guidance and outlook for 2018 represents forward-looking information and users are cautioned that actual results may vary. Forecasts for production, production cost of sales, all-in sustaining costs and capital expenditures are + or – 5%. Please refer to the Cautionary Statement on page 74, as well as the Company’s news release dated February 14, 2018, available on our website at Kinross.com.
  4. See Mineral Reserve and Mineral Resource Statement in this 2017 Annual Report, page 68, and news release dated February 14, 2018 titled “Kinross provides update on organic development projects and full-year 2017 exploration results”.
  5. Reported net earnings includes a non-cash impairment charge, net of reversals, of $21.5 million in 2017 (2016: $139.6 million; 2015: $699.0 million).
  6. On June 10, 2013, the Company announced its decision to cease development of Fruta del Norte (FDN). As a result, FDN was classified as a discontinued operation. On December 17, 2014, the Company sold its interest in FDN. The comparative results exclude FDN.
  7. Refers to all currencies in the countries where the Company has mining operations, fluctuating simultaneously by 10% in the same direction, either appreciating, or depreciating, taking into consideration the impact of hedging and the weighting of each currency within our consolidated cost structure.
  8. Average realized gold price is a non-GAAP financial measure and is defined in Section 11, Supplemental Information of Management’s Discussion and Analysis